Thermoplastics as Flow Promotion Linings

Thermoplastics as Flow Promotion Linings AFRISLIDE is a family of polymer alloys and a low friction material that solve the problems of friction, wear and the flow of material across many industry sectors. An exceptional low friction material surface, outstanding wear resistance, high impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and superior performance in demanding applications characterize […]

Industrial Fabrication For Plastic Chemical Tanks and Vessels

Thermoplastics like Polystone ® Polyethylene, AFRILENE PP,  MAIZEY PVC and MAIZEY PVDF have proven their performance in the fabrication of plastic chemical tanks, process tanks, storage tanks and chemical vessels. Thermoplastics offer outstanding chemical resistance, impact resistance and lower weight. Producing a high quality tanks that adheres to safety standards requires skill and precision. Maizey […]

Plastic Machined Components and Parts

Maizey Engineering offer quality custom plastic machined components and parts Plastic Machined Components and Parts converted from thermoplastics stock shapes. Machined components and parts offers an alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts across a wide range of applications and industries. Plastic machined parts are used as replacements for OEM parts or as […]

Trovidur® PVC-U

MAIZEY PVC-U engineering plastic is a highly amorphous material with chemical resistance in areas where HDPE and PP fall short. MAIZEY PVC-U are especially outstanding for their high form stability, excellent chemical resistance, thermoformability and excellent flame retardant properties. Trovidur® EN is a PVC-U with high chemical resistance and normal impact strength.


AFRILENE PP-H a good choice for mechanical and structural applications such as plastic water tanks. AFRILENE PP-H polypropylene is one of the most cost effective and widely used general purpose EPP’s available. It is a stiff and hard polyolefin, with high heat resistance and excellent chemical resistance at elevated temperatures. Used extensively in the chemical […]


HDPE AFRILENE PE300 High Density Polyethylene “The material of choice for fabricators. “ HDPE AFRILENE PE300 is a rigid thermoplastic for general use in plant engineering, tank construction and waste water industry, where all round chemical resistance and weatherability are required. Ideal for use in the food industry as cutting boards, underlays in food preparation […]

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Sheet, Rod & Tube Thermoplastic Linings Machined Components Industrial Fabrication Industries / Applications PRODUCT FOCUS POLYESTER - AFRIPET Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) has high mechanical strength and excellent sliding properties perfect for use in high-grade and high-strength technical parts in many industrial sectors like e.g. mechanical engineering, electronic industry, materials handling industry and the food processing [...]