Lifting Technology

Engineered plastic parts are increasingly being used to solve performance challenges in the crane, lifting, hoist, mining and construction industries.

Performance plastic parts offer high impact strength, low friction and improved long term wear performance when compared to steel, bronze and brass. Replacement parts are light weight, dimensionally stable with low thermal conductivity, good noise insulating properties and are easy to handle, which addresses OH&S requirements.

The weight reduction of EPP’s results in lower interia forces on machinery, offering faster operation and increased production. With thermoplastics, closer machining tolerances and easier, cost effective machining is possible, even for low volume projects. Self lubricating plastics eliminate the need for grease and oil, which only attracts dirt and dust, defeating the purpose and benefit of the lubricants.

Engineering plastic sheaves are being used by most of the worlds leading crane and hoist manufacturers with a reputation for reliability and ease of service. Sustamid® nylon sheaves provide exceptional performance in demanding environments and the unique combination of physical properties significantly improves wire rope life and operation.

Wire rope running over a Sustamid® nylon sheave will have less crown and tangential breaks with the potential of a increase in service life by up to 600%. Sustamid nylon sheaves are also lighter and allow for greater loads on booms and lower maintenance costs because of it’s self-lubricating properties.


Corrosion on steel sheaves result in reduced wire rope life & increased wear. Nylon sheaves are impervious to rust and salt water corrosion and there is no need for paint or similar protective coatings as well as any external lubrication.

When using Sustamid® sheaves, dead weight is reduced, working increased, lower interial loads in operation achieved and sheave and rope life extended. Nylon sheaves are also easier to handle during installation and replacement.
Nylon sheaves are approximately one seventh the weight of steel sheaves of the same dimensions and one-half the weight of aluminium sheaves.

Nylon sheaves can undergo a reversible, non-permanent deformation around the individual rope strands. This results in almost eliminating wear on the outer layer of the wire rope strands.

Typical problems which occur on steel sheaves:


Lighter, tougher, chemically resistant and longer lasting than steel or timber counterparts. Maizey EPP’s Polystone® M outrigger pads won’t splinter, rot or corrode and can withstand extreme pressures, making them virtually indestructible

Providing stable support that is easy to handle, Maizey EPP offer outrigger pads, spreader plates, crane mats for mobile cranes, concrete pumps, loader cranes, access work platforms and more.